Our international network of mentors gather knowledge in many different areas, from business and story development to pitch training, financial rounds and exists.


  • Heidrun Twesten

    Managing Partner Impacct GmbH

  • Marc Schwieger

    Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter at PUSHH

  • Malte Goesche

    Startegic Products Partnership at Facebook

  • André Basse

    Managing Director at SPIEGEL Tech Lab GmbH

  • Andreas Ollmann


  • Christoph Hausel

    Co-Owner & Managing Director at Element C GmbH

  • Claas H Nieraad

    Partner at New Commercial Room

  • Hanno Zulla

    CEO at Epublica

  • Klaus-Peter Frahm

    Business Developer at news aktuell GmbH

  • Mark Jäger

    Product Strategy

  • Matthias Protzman

    Co-Founder at Onzu

  • Nora Vanessa Wohlert

    Founder at Edition F

  • Patrick Stähler

    Partner at fluidminds GmbH

  • Petra Vorsteher

    Co-Founder & CAO at Smaato

  • Sachar Klein

    Chief Attention Officer at hypr

  • Sandra Fisher

    Investment Manager at iCapital

  • Sebastian Chill

    Founder & CCO at Appico AG

  • Stefan Puriss

    Entrepreneur / Advisor at E-Commerce

  • Stephan Weichert

    Professor für Digitalen Journalismus und Wissenschaftlicher Studiengangleiter Hamburg Media School

  • Stoyan Yankov

    Partner & Producer at Level Up Pictures

  • Daniel Kinat

    Managing Director at TigerBooks Media GmbH

  • Thorsten Wittmütz

    Associate Director at Skillnet GmbH

  • Nicole Tiedtke

    Senior UX Consultant & UX Strategist

  • Tobias Seikel

    Partner at Hanse Ventures

  • Ulrich Machold

    Head of Strategic Product Development at Axel Springer

  • Vivi Dimitriaodu

    Director People at OMD Germany

  • Wolfgang Von Geramb

    Founder at Aelephants Gmbh

  • Marili Luuken

    COO at Elevator Startups

  • Annette Milz

    Editor in Chief & co-founder at Medium Magazine

  • Arnd Benninghoff

    Deputy CEO at MTGx

  • Bianca Praetorius


  • David Andersen

    Web Developer & Owner at Bagvendt

  • Eva-Maria Bauch

    Managing Director, CEO at G+J Digital Products GmbH

  • Harald Fortmann

    Executive Partner at D-Level

  • Jan-Menko Grummer

    Partner - Assurance Leadership Team GSA at EY

  • Jenny Wiethölter

    Head of Communications at Finanzcheck.de

  • Jochen Wegner

    Chefredakteur at Zeit Online

  • Martin Drust

    Director Marketing & Sales at FC St. Pauli

  • Philipp Westermeyer

    Founder at Online Marketing Rockstars

  • Sanja Stankovic

    Co-Founder at Hamburg Startups

  • Thomas Jansen

    CEO at Crissy Field GmbH

  • Ulrich Hegge

    VP Strategic Market Development DACH at AppNexus

  • Valentin Heyde

    Facilitating consultant / consulting facilitator at komfortzonen.de

  • Wolfgang Wopperer

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner at MindMatters

  • Slaven Marinovic

    Freelance Consultant

  • Anita Zielina

    Chief Product Officer at NZZ

  • Stephan Rebbe

    CEO at Kolle Rebbe

  • Gerd Kamp

    Leiter at dpa-newslab

  • David Nellessen

    CTO & Co-Founder at Familonet GmbH

  • Jigar Mehta

    SVP - Head of Video at Fusion Media Group

  • Björn Schumacher

    Head of Audience Development at BILD

  • Jeremy Tai Abbet

    Creative Evangelist, Global Keynote Speaker

  • Turi Munthe

    Venture Partner at North Base Media

  • Philipp Moehring

    Europa Manager at Angellist

  • Isa Sonnenfeld

    News Lab Lead Germany, Austria, Switzerland at Google

  • Rene Seifert

    Co-Founder at Venturate AG

  • Florian Behne

    Accountant / Lawyer at EY

  • Sören Stamer

    CEO & Co-Founder at Coremedia

  • Lina Timm

    Program Manager at Media Lab Bayern

  • Andreas Wrede

    Projektleitung at InnoLab / Medienmanagement

  • Jan Honsel

    CEO at upljft GmbH

  • Wolfgang Macht

    Founder & CEO at Netzpiloten

  • Eric Scherer

    Director of Future Media at France TV

  • Bert Kok

    Business Manager at MediaMatters

  • Gilli Cegla

    Managing Director at NovaWind

  • Daniel Döbrich

    Digital & Brand Strategy Director

  • Alexander Zumdieck

    Managing Director at METRO Accelerator

  • Max von Abendroth

    Executive Director at European Magazine Media Association, EMMA

  • Franziska Knoefel

    Manager Digital Revolution at Weischer.Mediengruppe

  • Daniel Keiper-Knorr

    Founder / General Partners at Speedinvest

  • Danny Peled

    Managing Partner at KDC Media Fund

  • Andreas Mayer

    Consultant / Interim Manager (former MD Burda News) at Mayer Media 360

  • Prof. Dr. Robert Daubner

    Dean Media & Communication at BiTS

  • Erik Hauth

    Managing Director at Mavens GmbH

  • Jenny Fleischer

    Corporate Director Digital at Beiersdorf

  • Franziska Bluhm


  • Miriam Bundel

    CEO at Luxid

  • Jan-Boyke Seemann

    Product Sales Specialist - Adobe AdCloud (DSP) und Audience Manager (DMP)

  • Martin Dräger

    Managing Director at Unruly

  • Hannes Fehr

    Founder B2B Marketing Angels

  • Alexander Zumdieck

    Freelance Consultant

  • Alisa Türck

    ceo & Founder at TÜRCK GmbH

  • Daria Suvorova

    Legal Consultant at Blockbay GmbH

  • Stefan Zschaler

    Managing Creative Partner at TankTank GmbH

  • Björn Freimuth

    Managing Director at Freimuth Energie- und Wassertechnik GmbH

  • Stephanie Busch

    Head of Human Resources & Corporate Development at Facelift brand building technologies GmbH

  • Jaana Rasmussen

    Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

  • Dennis Wetzig


  • Christiane Brandes-Visbeck


  • Hannes Mehring

    Media Scientist, Serial-Entrepreneur and a hands-on-driven Business Model Developer.

  • Mark Pelka

    Chief Sales Officer, PIA Performance Interactive Alliance

  • Andreas Gebhard

    Head of Product & Editorial Operations, Getty Images FOTO

  • Dalia Das

    Founder & CEO neue fische

  • Kim Bode

    Community and product operations manager at News Deeply

  • Nina Klein

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief BRIGITTE Digital / G+J

  • Andrea Cordas

    Innovation Management Professional

  • Christian Busch

    CEO at German Accelerator NYC

  • Luca Brighenti

    Entrepreneur | Advisory Board Member