Together we run the next media accelerator

Who we are

Initiated in 2015 next media accelerator is the leading pan-European startup program for innovation in media & marketing.

10+International Media Partners

25+nma Investors


A strong ecosystem of startups, media partners, mentors and investors

We have sucessfully built during the past years a strong international community. With several partners on board in USA, Europe and Israel, we aim to become the largest hub for media innovation in Europe.

We are proud to be members of GAN, a highly curated community of accelerators, partners, and investors.

The team

We are a mixed team made up of serial entrepreneurs, business angels, digital natives, startup junkies and professionals of the media industry who believe in change and entrepreneurial power.

  • Nico LummaManaging Partner

    Nico Lumma hasn’t been offline since 1995. He likes exploring new things and has been a part of the German startup scene for 15 years. Most recently he helped launching the mobile classifieds app Stuffle.

  • Meinolf EllersManaging Partner

    Meinolf Ellers has driven innovation inside of dpa since 1996. Always interested in what’s next, he founded Scoopcamp to explore new ideas in journalism. Meinolf’s ambition is to constantly push the digital transformation of the media industry.

  • Christoph Hüning Managing Partner

    Christoph Hüning has a degree in business mathematics and shows a track record as consultant and entrepreneur in digital media and communication industries since 1999. His focus is to connect our startups with media companies and investors to foster the digital media landscape.

  • Julia Mandil Program Manager

    Being surrounded by people from different countries makes Julia feel at home. A journalist with a MA in Media & Globalization, she enjoys learning from startups and using communications as a way to keep the community together.

  • Elizabeta HahnOffice and Event Manager

    She is the empathetic welcoming face of the nma. Not only as the Office Manager but also with her strong skills in event organization the multitalent is a positive driving force in the nma orbit.

  • Tatjana BüchlerCommunications and Event Manager

    The ever connected (social) media world is her playground, she loves to be inspired by visionaries from all over the globe. With a degree in Media, Politics and Sociology and a large passion for writing, social media and events she now is part of the nma team.


  • Heidrun Twesten

    Managing Partner Impacct GmbH

  • Marc Schwieger

    CEO & Shareholder at PUSHH

  • André Basse

    Managing Director at SPIEGEL Tech Lab GmbH

  • Andreas Ollmann


  • Christoph Hausel

    Co-Owner & Managing Director at Element C GmbH

Our network, investors and partners include

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