• 50 international media startups with disruptive ideas for the future of content and advertising, looking for the right partners to grow
  • Top managers from the European media and online marketing scene, searching for innovative founders and ideas
  • Investors, VCs, angels determined to fund and support the next generation of digital media entrepreneurs
  • Two days of speed dating at the MediaMatch Lounge (March 2nd and 3rd)
  • One day of elevator pitches, lightning talks and speed panels on theMediaMatch stage (March 2nd)

2-3 March 2017 in Hamburg 

Thank you all for coming! It was awesome. ūüėé

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Equipo Addmondo WS

Addmondo (Spain)

“Imagine¬†for¬†a¬†moment¬†that¬†you¬†could¬†advertise:¬†what¬†you¬†wanted /where¬†you¬†wanted /from¬†any¬†location¬†or¬†device”


AdTriba (Germany)

“AdTriba allows advertisers to track, control and optimize their marketing activities across all digital marketing channels.”


Adverty (Austria)

“Connecting all your marketing data. Providing powerful insights.”


Appinio (Germany)

“Appinio is a social mobile app for opinions that enables companies to generate consumer insights.”

image1 (Brazil)

“We provide professional writers with new tools to help them create better content, faster, and more efficiently.”


AX Semantics (Germany) 

“We want to enable everybody to make automated content out of their data in multiple languages.”


BIGVU (Israel)

“BIGVU is the first professional TV studio that fits in your pocket.”


Blogfoster (Germany)

“Increase your ROI with the first adserver for scalable influencer-marketing campaigns.”


Bynd (Germany)

“The most efficient way of consuming relevant content, across all apps and multiple devices.”


Chestnote (Belgium)

“Chestnote introduces a unique, magical way of messaging by letting you discover messages at the right time and the right place.”

Michael Karg, Managing Director/Sales

Contaygne (Germany)

“We give content from various content producer to publishers free of financial charge and receive in return ad space on their online platforms which we sell to advertisers.”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-14 um 11.52.52

Contentflow (Germany)

“We are video-livestreaming your event in flawless quality to any mobile and stationary device available.”


Contiamo (Germany)

“We offer a flexible data platform enabling businesses to create interactive, data-driven decisions tools and to intelligently automate workflows.”


Distama (Germany)

“Creating an interactive and mobile communication platform for Your city ‚Äď with a positive cash-flow after year one.”

E-Contenta team

E-Contenta (Russia)

“We analyze people’s behaviour online and can predict what content each person would like to read, watch or listen to.”

IMG_0196 2

Everybag (Germany)

“See. Snap. Buy – let your customers FIND your products fast and easy with our Visual Product Search AI.”


EzyInsights (Finland)

“EzyInsights is the fastest content discovery tool for journalists and newsrooms.”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-10 um 15.31.53

Filestage (Germany)

“The easiest way to share files & collaborate on PDF’s, videos, images & audio.”


Greetzly (Austria)

“Greetzly provides a platform for people to discover and request originally created videos from celebrities and share those videos.”


Guggy (Israel)

“Guggy is an API, Chat Bot and App that allows users to seamlessly send their text messages as GIFs and stickers.”


HackPress (USA)

“Empower media outlets and businesses to find, hire and manage content producers.”

Axel Springer Plug and Play Accelerator GmbH, on boarding week. Im Bild: Smoptrack


“Haulin is a network for shopping videos. We create a place where styles can be shared, discovered and bought.”


isnotTV (Spain)

“isnotTV is a Social Engagement SaaS that helps Newspapers and Publishers create & monetize content around entertainment.”


Koovala (Switzerland)

“Your fastest and easiest way to compelling Video-Marketing-Content.”


Matchhamster (Netherlands)

“We give news publishers and agencies control over their online content distribution and help them grow revenue.”



‚ÄěMediaMediary connects and trustfully consults clients looking for audiovisual media services with selected, qualified and independent media partners.‚Äú


Minty (Slovakia)

“Minty is an easy way to collaborate with illustrators and manage artwork licences.”


Nqyer (Germany)

“Nqyer Media is an agency, specialized on Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing and Branded Entertainment.”


Octorank (Germany)

“Octorank develops a peer review technology to manage awards and competitions in areas like entrepreneurship, music, photography or journalism.”


Opinary (Germany)

‚ÄěOpinary creates huge public dialogue by visualizing, aggregating and analyzing the opinions of over 30 million monthly users.‚Äú

Picter Team Foto print

Picter (Germany)

“Picter‚Äôs mission is to develop better technology to manage photography.”


Pivii (Germany)

“By applying artificial intelligence, the Pivii platform makes images measurable and accessible in one easy to use web app.”


Mapmind (Germany)

“Unlike one-dimensional list of our technology our web-based graph visualization offers a view of the information in it‚Äôs context.”


PushApps (Israel)

‚ÄěUsing unique interactive features, we manage to double the CTR and revenues from this real-estate.‚Äú (Germany)

“‚Äôs cutting-edge, proprietary Cross-Device technology matches devices to people and people to households.”


SatoshiPay (Germany)

“SatoshiPay is a web payment system which helps publishers monetise digital goods in tiny increments and without friction.”

Sceenic co-founders photo

Sceenic (UK)

“The 1st B2B immersive solution for co-viewing TV and OTT together with your friends via face to face video.”


Small Teaser (Belgium)

‚ÄěSmall Teaser is a community blogging platform. With a built-in ad server, we provide content creators the ability to earn a share of the advert revenue.‚Äú

spectrm_Bild nextMedia.Hamburg_web

Spectrm (Germany)

“Spectrm enables brands and media companies to create chatbots for content and engagement using Facebook Messenger.”


Storyclash (Austria)

“Storyclash tracks social media interactions worldwide, giving a real-time view of what‚Äôs trending right now!”

Trevor Evans - Headshot

Streamtime (UK)

“Scheduling and discovery application for all live streaming platforms.”


SuperSmashApp (Finnland)

“SuperMashApp is a Platform for Facebook live video entertainment. We provide ready formats and tools for publishers to provide premium quality live, engaging entertainment.”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-14 um 11.02.13

Susurrus (Greece)

“Susurrus is a marketplace that helps brands run influencer marketing campaigns automatically.”


Swonkie (Portugal)

“Swonkie is a¬†free¬†social¬†media¬†platform¬†that helps you to¬†create, schedule and share your posts on social networks.”


Syte (Israel)

“Visual Search for Fashion, Shazam for Fashion. Transforming publishers viewers to their paying fashion buyers.”

Group Picture

Uponit (Israel)

“Uponit helps premium publishers fully recover their ad revenues lost to ad blocking, offering full ad coverage and immunity.”


Vio (Norway)

“Vio gives you unlimited access to the magazine articles you care about, one personal feed, no ads and one monthly subscription.”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-13 um 00.20.39

WePolitics (Greece)

“We have built the social opinion and participation platform that helps cities, media and organizations understand what their people think.”

IMG_5868 Kopie

Rawr (Austria)

“Rawr is a publishing platform for collecting, managing and sharing opinion.”


Enbritely (Hungary)

“ saves time and generates ROI up to 35% on digital marketing campaigns by identifying unsafe, non-human, non-viewable or never converting segments of digital traffic.”


Newslinn (Ireland)

We‚Äôre building a network for journalists and creating Apps that change how citizens and businesses communicate with journalists.”


Personique (Germany)

“Personiq is a platform for users to exercise control over and manage their data individually.”


Whocares (Germany)

“Whocares is a social interaction tool which helps you to find out what your friends think, about you and everything you are interested in.”


Wish.Technology (Germany)

“Delivering superior technology for communication-driven commerce and service.”

Bozhidar Georgien (YatrusAnalytics)

Yatrus Analytics (Bulgaria)

“We help media discover, verify and predict events by analyzing millions of data points. By combining social media and open data we make sure nobody gets fake news.”


 Newsreps (Sweden)

“Newsreps platform connects app users with news and media companies world wide, being both a news agency and infrastructure.”


Inbeacon (Netherlands)

“InBeacon offers a offline touchpoint management platform which makes apps more relevant based on their context.”

Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-22 um 15.01.22