Six months. A LOT of hard work. An intense routine of pitching, meeting investors, talking to mentors… Waking up early, going to sleep…never?!🙃 When startups join our acceleration program, they know the struggle will be way too real!

But that’s why they are here for:  so that all work pays off at the end!⚡💪We asked teams from our four batches: what was the best thing about your NMA experience? Here’s what they said:

1 – ” NMA was key in starting AdTriba and delivered the valuable network and expertise necessary to kick-off our operations.” – Janos Moldvay, CEO AdTriba ( Batch 1)

2 –  “Where else would a Greek, an Israeli and a German get together to drink a beer and exchange about entrepreneurship?” – Ben, CMO and Chief Cat Officer Isnottv (Batch 2)

3 –  “NMA provided us with powerful tools to reshape our concepts and values into a prosperous business model.” – Petra Kemkova, CPO Minty (Batch 3)

4 – “Best thing about our NMA experience:connections and intros to potential clients.” – Paul Bojarski, CEO Sceenic(Batch 4)

Feeling inspired? We open applications every semester for media and tech startups to join us! We want to help more and more teams to take their business to another level!

Let’s keep it rocking! 🚀🚀🎉🎉