Winter is coming and the second month of the third batch at nma is almost over- time to have a quick chat with our teams to give you a look behind the scenes and an idea about the exceptional work that is happening right now.

Our first interview session is with Yaniv Solnik from Stadeom. Stadeom is a platform for creating User Generated Videos Stories. Their vision is to replace all the anonymous snarky texts on the web with faces and voices of human beings.

It is being used by publishers & brands to create a two way conversation with their users in the form of video stories.

Katharina: Hi Yaniv! Let’s start from the beginning- Can you explain how the idea of creating a service for User Generated Videos Stories started?

Yaniv: At first my business idea was different – I wanted to create a service for people to communicate through short videos while watching TV. After some time I started to see the success of Snapchat’s Live Stories, they were able to take User Generated Videos and create a very entertaining content that their users love to watch and their advertisers are happy to sponsor. I thought to myself – We have the same technology, why not take this powerful tool that Snapchat has invented (and was later copied by Instagram too) and give it to publishers like ESPN, MTV and CNN?


K: Your business is to create a service for publishers and brands to produce unique user video content which sounds like a great idea to me. What have you managed to achieve during your first two months at nma?

Y: One of the main reasons for us to join nma was the amazing network and direct access to publishers in Germany. Since my first day in Hamburg I started getting intros to relevant people within the biggest publishers in Germany and running from meeting to meeting. We already started testing with two publishers here and are in advanced talks with some others to start testing soon.

K: Last but not least, I’d like to know how publishers can benefit from your service.

Y: Publishers are suffering from fierce competition for the attention of their users, mainly from social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They have to find ways to stay relevant and adapt to the new ways users interact on the web these days. We believe that Stadeom can be a leap forward for them, inviting their users to engage through videos like they do on other social networks.

Thanks to Yaniv for this short and sweet chat. We wish you all the best for your future work at nma and beyond! Are you curious to try Stadeom by yourself now? Clickhere!

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