In this series we are introducing the startups from our Batch I in simple words. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand what is all about. 

The first startup we are presenting is a platform to connect highly popular social media talents with publishers and marketing strategists.

Nqyer, from the English voice “enquire”, is one of the startups that joined our accelerator program a bit later on. After 3 weeks here they have proved to meet our expectations and the great service they offer speaks out loud. Have you ever heard of “bloggers relations” ? This won’t be a problem anymore with Nqyer. 

Now in other words.

What it means for influencers

They can apply to enter the database and allow companies and brands who need their help to spread their marketing message to easily get in touch with them.

What it means for brands

Easy access to a database of influences that better work with their product or marketing strategy without speanding ours of research, time and budget.

Nqyer puts both parts in touch, but remember, they are themselves responsible to stablish the relationship and the price of the service!

We met Julian, CEO of Nqyer and singer of the band Kill All The Sexy People, to exchange some words.


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Hey Julian, how did you come up with the idea of Nqyer? Does it has somehow to do you own experience in the market?
When we launched our first startup it took us like 6 weeks from finding and contacting 100 influencers on instagram to getting the deals and postings done. We ended up working with 5. Those 5 influencers brught us 10k new users and more than 250k page visits. We invested about 1,5k€. It was an awesome ROI for us, so we decided to eliminate the pains we experienced by founding Nqyer.  Back then in early 2013 they weren’t called influencers though. Nobody gave a damn about them, we were one of the first who saw the potential.

When you talk about “influencers” what do you mean exactly?

Influencers are social media talents who are highly credible in what they’re saying and doing. They have huge audiences on social platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat, because they managed to branded themselves and now they’re known and loved for what they’re doing and saying. Unfortnately, with more and more companies doing influencer marketing the credibility begins to fade because they begin to sell themselves out. The challenge is to spot the “blue chips” and seperate the real influencers from the – as we call them – multipliers.

In how many countries are you now? How many influencers have registered so far?

We’re in Europe, USA and Australia. Brands are mostly from Europe. There are more than 400 influencers on Nqyer right now, further we have more than 5k influencer contacts we expect to sign up until the end of the programm.

How important is to find the influencer that better works to your marketing startegy? Could you please illustrate this with an example?

In 2015 where ads are ANYWHERE it’s important to stand out from your competitors and even more important to build up a brand and product that people can relate to. You need people that speak and stand for your product. We make it easy to find those people based on the content they create and where they live.

The funny thing is… Everyone I’ve been talking to asked whether provide a tracking service. Internet made marketers believe that everything is trackable. Like “Oh wow our mobile pop up ad has been clicked 7 times from this user – this is a great conversion” while my 4 y/o nephew taps on it while he plays a game on the iPad. Same goes for impressions. Who actually gives a shit about your damn sponsored post on Facebook I scroll over them anyway. Every brand brags about itself – best product, best customer experience, bla. Last time I checked out a product or became a customer was when a magazine or someone I like, trust, adore, said that this particular product rocks. “We’re not able to track a shoutout on Snapchat? Then we won’t do it” while Snapchat emerges like hell and the attention of the users is sky high. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve every heard. Marketers who think like this should get fired.

Example: Kapten & Son watches spent all of their marketing budget on influencers and gave a shit about tracking and conversions, made it from 0 to >1m in revenue in less than a year.
Example 2: Stilnest do 3D printed jewerly. Stoped every marketing channel but influencer marketing because 1 influencer got them 300k in revenue with one post.

Some facts about Nqyer

  • Team members:Julian Mohr (CEO), Jan Jatzkowski (Influencer Relations), Leonardo Zakour (CTO), Tobias Herzberg (Client Relations)
  • Founded in August 2015
  • Key assets: Database, fast communication with commited influencers that have accounts on every major platform, knowledge about every social media platform and influencer marketing space within the Nqyer team
  • Website:

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