Hi there! We’ve got some fresh news. From yesterday the nma got a new Program Manager, and that’s me, Sabela. Hola 🙂

Sabela Garcia Cuesta

Huhu! So excited!

I’m taking the opportunity to introduce myself in a few lines here so you get to know me better. I’ll try to keep it short and sharp.


1: From university to a multinational corporation.

I’m from Spain and went to university in London. No one talked to me about the existence of little companies and startups and my dream was to work for a big multinational corporation. That actually never happen and I could not be happier about it. 


2: Far away. An Asian experience.

At some point I had to sort out my life and decided to go as far as possible from home- did you ever feel the same way? In one week time I found an internship in Beijing and the week later I was working at my desk in the Zhongyuan Lucky Tower. That was my first experience at a startup and I loved it!


There was also the opportunity to try some delicious food in Tsingtao Beer Festival!

3: Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

Life took me some time later to the most beautiful city in the world, Hamburg. Looking for a job without being able to speak German was not easy but I found my place again in a startup, this time as Marketing Manager Spain. At my time there I met great work colleagues and also got to understand what really means being a startup, how to celebrate when things go great and to cry, when thing don’t go as expected. Emotions can be really intense.   


4: Developing my own role. Visibility Manager.

Did you ever have the possibility to create your own role at work and put it a name? I did. And not only that, but I also built up my own taverna. I started working at Appmotion because I wanted to learn about how a digital agency works. My role of visibility manager was something between public relations, communications and marketing, feel good manager, office assistant, event organizer and networker. I definitely  learnt a lot about digital, trends and apps but also about work culture. We also created a burger that tasted like us and even auctioned our boss for Valentine’s day. We definitely had some fun together!


That was my Taverna at Appmotion. You could always come over for a coffee and a chat! Photo credits: John Heaven

5: Helping women creating new businesses.

I had the opportunity to take part in the orga team of the first Startup Weekend Women in Hamburg this year. I was lucky to meet a great team who worked together for over six months to make it happen and I cannot explain with words the satisfaction you feel once the event is over and every participant comes to you to say thank you for giving them such an opportunity. We are actually already talking about preparing our next event!

Startup Weekend Women

That’s the red hair version of myself surrounded by some of my great colleagues at Startup Weekend Women.


6: Founder and director. Gute Leute.

A couple of months ago I took the decision to found my own print magazine, a magazine in English with the aim of portraying people living in Hamburg with photography and short texts explaining who they are and what they do: Gute Leute Magazine. The idea is to produce a beautiful product that people read, watch and keep for future reference and helps turn Hamburg into a more international friendly city. You’ll be able to get the first issue from next week!

Anker. 12 min Startup Slam

I won the prize of the third Startup Slamorganized by 12min.me last week.

7: What’s next? nma.

I am really excited about my future as Program Manager at nma since there is nothing I love most as witnessing business ideas turning into reality. If you want to get in touch because I can be of help, please do not hesitate to contact me here. I could be your bridge to a successful future.


8: I like this and that.

I love traveling. I’ve been in many places around the globe, from Mexico to Tanzania to Japan to India. That’s what gives me energy to keep on! I worked during my studies at a restaurant and I was taught how to appreciate wine, you can win me easily with a glass of good red. I die for asian food, specially Japanese, and I do some yoga when I need to find myself.

I think I also have some kind of healthy addiction to trying on new glasses…

Sabela OculusSabela Google glasses


See you around soon!