Hamburg, Alster, Heidrun Twesten, 02.09.2015 © Jšrg MŸller,

Hamburg, Alster, Heidrun Twesten, 02.09.2015 © Jšörg MüŸller,

Heidrun Twesten is Managing Partner at Impacct, a full service agency for investor and corporate relations. She helps our startups to find and tell their own story.

Why do you support startups at next media accelerator?

I like change. And I adore promising new ideas. That’s why I want to support the growing startup movement in Germany and help entrepreneurs launch and develop their dreams. Why nma? That’s easy: currently, everything is being digitally transformed – and I try to stay tuned …

What is the most important thing startups can learn from you?

A perfect product with the wrong management team will unlikely make it to market introduction while a good management team can sell almost anything. A good team always has a convincing story – sometimes it is difficult to phrase. That’s what I have done for the past 20 years: developing stories for numerous companies planning their IPOs, convincing investors or changing their business models. So that’s the most important thing startups can learn from me: story development.

Can you tell us a story about failure?

I don’t. Because “failure” doesn’t exist for me. Some things just work better than others. From the latter you learn more – and have an improved mindset for the next try.

What abilities do founders need?

I don’t think there are many specific abilities founders generally need – it depends a lot on their actual business. But there is one essential characteristic on their long and winding road to success: resilience, e. g. the ability to overcome all hurdles, set-backs, and stumbling blocks.

Who inspires you?

I feel inspired by Malala Yousafzai due to her great courage and resourcefulness as a young girl in Pakistan, by Elly Knapp-Heuss because she was an exceptional, very dedicated and inspired woman at her time, by Jean-Michel Basquiat who is my favorite artist, and by Nelson Mandela.